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About us:

Including, About the School, Our Values and Ethos, Our Staff, The School Council and The ECO Warriors.

The school is single storey with eight classrooms. We have a hall, a library and resources room. Our hall is large and well equipped for P.E. It is also used for assemblies and for dining. We are fortunate to have a large grassed and wooded area which also contains a wildlife area. Our building and site offer an excellent environment for teaching and learning.

Starting school Our school admits children on a single entry basis. Please see the table below. We usually admit older children a few days before the younger ones, but all the children come to school full time. If this causes any concern please see the Headteacher.

Values and Ethos:

Willington Primary School seeks to maintain a happy secure community within which the children can learn effectively. Parents are part of that process.
Children achieve proficiency in basic and other skills, acquire a body of
knowledge and aim to become responsible and caring individuals capable of reasoned decision making.

We believe that parents and everyone in school are part of a team who,
working together with trust and understanding help achieve these aims.

Our School Willington Primary School is a County maintained co-educational school for children aged 4-11 years. We aim to make our school a happy and caring place where children will love to learn and enjoy taking part in school life.


Headteacher: Mrs A.Gallimore
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs M.Ursell
 Teaching Staff: Mrs B.Powell
  Mr A.Walker
  Mrs M.Dunbar
  Mrs M.Ursell
  Mrs E.Miller
  Mrs T.Lea   
  Miss L.Cope
  Mrs L.Pritchard
  Mrs N.Robinson (Maternity Leave)
  Mr M.Rodgers
  Miss L.Shepherd
Teaching Assistants: Mrs R.Chapman
  Mrs A.Clarke
  Mrs A.Fearn
  Mrs K.Gadsby
  Mrs E.Garrington
  Mr R.Henry
  Mrs E.Parkes
  Mrs J.Twigg
  Mrs J.Greenwell
  Mrs M.Cobley
  Mrs A.Najib
School Business Officer: Mrs S.Sanderson
School Business Assistant: Mrs K.Ryley
Clerk To Governors Mrs E.Whitmarsh
ICT Technician: Mr R.Eales
Senior Midday Supervisor:   Mrs J.Smith
Midday Supervisors: Mrs A.Harding
  Mrs J.Johnson-Hill
  Miss L.Lambe
  Mrs N.Carter
  Mrs N.Proudfoot
  Mrs J.Goldring
  Miss A.Bailey
Cook: Mrs S.Love
Kitchen Assistants:   Mrs L.Dixey
  Mrs D.Talbot
  Mrs P.Rai
  Mrs S.Moran
  Mr C.Sage
Cleaner-in-charge: Mr D.Watson
Cleaner:  Mrs J.Huber


School Council:

We have a School Council which is made up of two pupil representatives per class from Y1-Y6. They provide a valuable voice reflecting the thoughts and wishes of their class. Their recent initiatives have included getting more equipment for playtimes and providing new litter bins. They have also led fundraising activities for Rainbow Hospice, Air Ambulance and the Haiti Appeal.

ECO Warriors:

We have ECO Warriors who help us all to be aware of energy saving, recycling and the environment. As a school we recycle paper and cardboard. The Warriors are also currently following the Eco-Schools Action plan which includes: litter picking, planting flowers to provide a natural habitat for insects and other animals, identifying types of trees, bird watching survey of school grounds, to name but a few!